Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Are there really rules in ragball?

So tonight was Maci's second ragball game. It was a good time had by all UNTIL I told a kid to run two bases instead of the one the "rules" stated. However, I didn't even know there was rules in ragball because there is no outs, everyone hits the ball, everyone runs the bases and everyone plays in the dirt. I thought the point was to teach them hit ball, drop bat gingerly, run to first in the straightest line a 4 or 5 year can run, then to second, third and home all touching each base. And then the fielding maybe my suggestion of if the ball comes to you give it to a boy should be altered at some point. Especially since there won't always be boys playing ball with her. But have fun right. I do want to point out that my kid is better than your kid because she did hit the ball without the tee TWO times. Yes they only bat 2 times in order to make it through the hour time limit. And really there is only so much dirt playing that can actually happen right? And the grandparents can only take so long on those hard bleachers, while watching the action packed game of ragball. So I broke the "rules" it is still up for debate.

The conversation with the upset coach was short. She says "the kids are only allowed to advance one base." I say "I didn't know the rules or read the rule book." (in my defense last week I was strictly dugout coach - you know make sure all the kids were there and the right ones had helmets and bats. The real coach had to work and this was a rain date make up game) "We did this last game and no one got mad at us. I thought the only rule was to have fun and no outs and no score." She proceeds to home plate. I mean really when we started most of them didn't know which base to go to first. So I thought this is great league learning fundamentals and getting out socially. Silly me.

So I got told on to the umpire. And the next inning, I got kicked off 3rd base coach and moved to 1st base for the 2nd at bat. All in all it doesn't matter my little slugger ran to 1st an gave me a big hug and kiss. I bet that isn't allowed in the "rules" either.

I signed her up for pitching lessons if I am going to be that parent might as well go FULL speed ahead. Yep she is playing even if she doesn't want to - and she is going to like it! I might start my own ragball traveling team and go play out of town YMCA teams. Wish me luck! Or more appropriately my little ragballer luck!

And by the way the ruling went in our favor. I think it was stated it was just for the kids to have fun it is really no big deal either way. Tell that to the grandpa in the stands constantly telling me that I was making up my own rules and is that how it was going to be yada yada yada. I didn't even yell shut up or I don't see you out here coaching. I spent my time cheering for their kids I knew when they were batting and fielding and "coaching" them along. Even though they weren't on our team. Crazy isn't it?

Monday, November 8, 2010


We successfully made it through Halloween. Maci was a cheerleader and Hannah was a monkey. And yes the monkey was Maci's costume. When she gets old enough to tell me what she wants to be - she can get her own costumes. She has discovered how much she likes candy and can be really annoying about it. It all started with our parading this summer. We would bribe her with a sucker for the duration of the parade. On Halloween Madeline took Maci and Hannah in the neighborhood. Hannah ate candy the whole time. She watches where I put up the candy and whines and whines and cries until she either gets the candy or I have to LEAVE the room. So we have really been practicing our teeth brushing.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Maci reads her first book

It is official. Maci can read okay maybe not read read, but she can read one book we have and okay the pictures help...but I'm counting it! The book is "Blue Hat, Green Hat" by Sandra Boynton.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm a Good Citizen

So most days at school I eat lunch with the K-2 group. It is always interesting. It is a difficult shift for the adults to get all the kids situated and ready to eat so the more of us the better. Lately I have been the open the milk lady. Seriously those cartons of milk are ridiculous to open. If I am having a hard time, you know it is going to be hard for a Kindergartener. Today after opening one girl's milk she very politely said "thank you." So I responded with "that was so nice of you to be polite." She says "well I am a good citizen you know!" No I didn't, but thank you for pointing that out.

Bye O Baby

I think one of the cutest things Hannah does lately is singing Bye O Baby. It is a song that Grandma Calista use to sing all the time. And during Hannah's fussy period of not wanting to sleep, I would sing it to her and rock. So now about anytime she rocks, she sings it. I love it.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Observant Maci

Every day when I pick Maci up we spend the trip home talking about her day or any other subject she brings up. So a couple days ago after we had discussed the good and the bad of the things that happened, she proceeded to start on her test of how many questions she can ask me before we get home. This days topic - Next year and going to school. This year she just can't wait for the next year when she starts school. The converstation goes a little something like this...
Maci: What do I need to know to go to school? Me: you will need to be able to write your name, letter, numbers etc etc.
Maci: Who will be my teacher? That will be Miss Gott.
Maci: Is she the one that was wearing the green shirt and has a green cellphone?
Me: I don't know I can't say that I have checked out the color of her cellphone.
Maci: I think it is mom. Remember the time when I went to work with you and she lost her keys.
Me: Yes I do.
Maci: Yes that is her she has a green cellphone.
Me: (thinking....hmmmm could she be right. I have to know. Calling Miss Gott... Me: Angie? Her: Yes; Me: What color is your phone?; Her: Green.

Well this is when I realize the kid is super observant. Better watch out.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Computer Cleaning

So today our internet at work was slow and choppy so I decided to "clean" my computer files. I had organizing them just about as much as I do real files. It never fails as soon as you clean up (in my case that translates into throwing away, purging, or file 13 you can fill in the blank with your favorite)someone wants a copy of this or that. Really it has been on my computer since the first year here and no one has asked for it and you pick today the day I just "cleaned up" that file. But I don't learn - I keep doing it! Some of my favorite files I "cleaned up" today are to following....